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Hello Premodernists! Our community is growing, but some of you might still have a hard time finding players locally. If you’re itching to playtest your Premodern brew, you could still do so in an online game, using either a webcam (e.g. with Skype, or Google Hangouts) or a software like Xmage, Cockatrice (both free) or Magic Online. If you’re on Facebook, there is a dedicated group for matching players. You can also look for opponents on our brand new Premodern Discord server.

Moreover, the first online tournament is in the making, organized by Clifford Mathieson. Here are the details (recently posted by Clifford in the Facebook group):


There will be 7 matches for each player, divided into two 2 week batches. The first batch of paired matches will be released on September 10th and conclude on September 23th. The second batch will be released on September 24th and conclude on October 7th. There will then be a cut to the top 8 finishers. Single elimination matches will be played from October 8th through the 21st until one player has emerged victorious! All matches will be determined by best out of 3 games, except for the top 8 matches which will all be best out of 5.

All players must be available to play on either or Skype. If two players for a given match wish to play on another form of media (XMage, MTGO, etc.) and both agree, that is fine. ALL top 8 matches will be played on to allow as many viewers as possible.

To register for this event, please send an email to with the following information:
Deck Name-
Facebook Name (If different from your name)-
Country of Residence AND Time Zone-
(Physical paper cards only, no other medium will be accepted for deck submissions)

Registration for this event will close at 11:59pm PST on September 7th. Deck construction rules for this event will mirror the rules listed on


I have never played a webcam game, actually, as I have plenty of opportunities for IRL play with my local playgroup in Stockholm. Playing people from all over the place sounds like great fun, however, so I’m gonna have to learn for this event. I hope to meet you “there”! 🙂

Cheers! / Martin

PS. This post will be updated if the details about the tournament are updated. For questions about the tournament, contact Clifford directly through or in the Facebook group.