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Welcome to the new blog section of! 🙂 If you’ve visited the website previously, you might have noticed that everything is new and shiny now, compared to last week. Our eminent web-wizard Mattias Berggren has been working day and night lately to re-build the website from scratch to make it faster and more functional. The changes in short:

  • All essential information about the format, i.e. the rules, legal sets and ban/watch list, has now been assembled on the front page for easy reference.
  • The card search function has been improved and better adapted for mobile devices.
  • The deck gallery has received a face-lift and it is now possible to download all decks either as an image or a .txt file.
  • A new page Social has been added, with an overview of our social media channels.

And then there’s this blog. At this point I plan to use it mainly for major news (e.g. ban list updates), international event info and perhaps some lengthier reference articles with reflections about the format. For more frequent buzz about the format, follow/like the Premodern Magic Facebook page (which is complementary to this website) or dive into one of the Facebook groups. There may be some guest bloggers on the horizon, though, so keep your good pirate eye open!

Your captain, Martin