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Hello Premodern people!

On Sunday 4 April, Anton Glans and Premodern Magic arrange a one-day free and free-for-all online webcam tournament—the Premodern Easter Championship. The event will be played through And if you haven’t heard of it already, Tolaria is the brainchild of our own web wizard Mattias “slanfan” Berggren, and he really upped his game with this project. Tolaria is a really neat browser-based platform for webcam games, whether causal one-on-one matches, large tournaments and everything in-between. It’s still in beta, so some hickups may be expected, but it has already proved to work pretty smoothly in a number of 93/94 tournaments, and in the Winter Blast tournament a month or so ago. The whole event, including registration, takes place within the app (look for Premodern Easter Championship in the events tab). Edit: for a walk-though of the match room interface of Tolaria, see this video.

Tournament info

  • Start at 10.00 (EDT), 16.00 (CEST) on April the 4th, 2021
  • Regular Swiss (likely 6 rounds) including top 8 playoffs
  • Matches will be timed at 55 min followed by 5 extra turns
  • World Championship (gold bordered) and CE/IE cards are allowed for this event
  • Selene Bergers is head judge
  • All tournament activities on, including player and deck registration, pairings, play rooms and match reports. All communication between players and organizers during the tournament will also take place there.


  1. Create a user on (it’s recommended to use Chrome as a browser)
  2. Click the “Attend” button on the Premodern Easter Championship event for a successful registration. All participants must register deck list and deck photo. A deck list and a deck photo can be added after registration (but before the deadline).

NOTE! Registration ends on 3 April at 23.59 CEST time.

Wak-Wak will stream the entire tournament on, and commentary will be provided by well-known faces such as Seb, Gordon, Anton and yours truly, and some guest commentators may appear as well.

That’s all, I think. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out on social media. Oh, one more thing, Gordon made this cute video too. 🙂

Hyped yet? Hope to see you on the 4th!

– Martin